Zone Name
Quest / Boss Energie Runden EXP EXP/Energie  Einheiten


| element      = 
| banner_image = 
| name         = 
| duration     = 

How to Use

element - Uses color scheme based on elemental property as provided, e.g. "feuer", "dunkel"
banner_image - Please provide mediawiki markup for image, example: [[File:banner file.png|link=|500px]]<nowiki> </pre>
name - If "banner_image" is not provided, the "name" will be displayed. However, this field is ignored if "banner_image" was provided.
duration - Text field to denote length of dungeon/event. Please use "CURRENTLY INACTIVE" to show that the dungeon/event is not active. Leave blank to indicate an ongoing/permanent dungeon.
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