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This template will return any requested property value for a given unit id or name

  {{UnitInfo|<unit id>|<prop name>}}
  {{UnitInfo|<unit name>|<prop name>}}
Example Output
{{UnitInfo|10011|thumbnail}}Unit ills thum 10011
{{UnitInfo|Fechter Vargas|stars}}2
{{UnitInfo|Fechter Vargas|rarity}}★★
{{UnitInfo|Fechter Vargas|no}}1
{{UnitInfo|Fechter Vargas|element}}Feuer
{{UnitInfo|Fechter Vargas|bb}}Flammenritt
{{UnitInfo|Fechter Vargas|hp_base}}1030
{{UnitInfo|Fechter Vargas|baseHp}}1.030

Unit Data provided by the properties fount in each unit's detail page (e.g. Fechter Vargas)

Unit ID -> Unit Name lookup provided by Template:UnitName

Known Issues

If a detail page has a category applied to it, some features don't work properly.

Be sure no categories are directly applied to the unit detail pages.

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