Mirvana Ruins
Element Dark
Element Dark
Quest / Boss Energie Runden EXP EXP/Energie  Einheiten
Broken Days 17 11 4.800 282,35
Unit ills thum 60174 
Unit ills thum 40182 
Unit ills thum 60192 
Unit ills thum 30182 


  • Room 7 spawns Lich, Zahhak and Nyx.
  • Goth Idol Kikuri has AoE BBCelestial Firefly, gets an Atk buff at < 50% HP. Inflicts Curse , Paralysis & Poison
  • Goth Idol Kikuri can AoE with normal attacks after HP < 50%.
  • Bard Elton has a party buff Ares Requiem which boosts ATK and DEF of all team mates.
  • Thunder Cat Parmi has ST BB Spiral Scratch
  • High Roller Zeul has ST BB Joker's Hand
  • It is advisable to bring a status nullifying unit to avoid having to deal with the myriad of status conditions that may be inflicted.
  • Target Bard Elton first as his party buff BB will make it significantly harder to kill off the other units due to their increased def and their overall increased atk. Finish off all the other minibosses and leave Kikuri for the last as you do not want to end up fighting everyone with an ATK buffed Kikuri.
Unit ills thum 60122 

Unit ills thum 60201 

Unit ills thum 60212 
Lingering in the Ruins 16 11 4.650 290,63
Unit ills thum 60253 


  • Room 4 spawns 2x Lich
  • Duel-GX is pretty easy at this stage and can be cleared quickly.
  • Can be Cursed, Paralyzed, and Poisoned.
Unit ills thum 60123 

Unit ills thum 60122 

Unit ills thum 60201 
Protector, Destructor 15 10 4.450 296,67 (Beste)
Unit ills thum 60164 
Unit ills thum 60104 


  • Room 6 spawns Nyx and High Roller Zeul
  • Lemia has AoE BB Black Hole. She inflicts Poison and Paralysis.
  • Lodaga has ST BB World of Darkness which can one shot low def light units. He inflicts Curse.
  • Lemia can be paralyzed
Unit ills thum 60123 
The Endless Blackout 15 10 4.250 283,33
Unit ills thum 60094 
Unit ills thum 60114 
Unit ills thum 60073 


  • Room 6 spawns 2x Incubus and Vampire.
  • Executioner Shida inflicts Curse and has AoE BB Sacrifice
  • Scythe God Alice gets an Atk buff at < 50% HP and heals herself for a percentage of damage done.
  • Nyx has AoE BB Invasion but does not attempt to give party ATK buff during boss battle.
  • Take Shida out first as his AoE does the most damage + curse.


  • Riff feather
Unit ills thum 60122 

Unit ills thum 60201 
Penetrate the
Impenetrable Darkness
14 10 3.950 282,14
Unit ills thum 60014 
Unit ills thum 60062 
Unit ills thum 60182 


Unit ills thum 60123 
Those Who Live by the Sword 14 9 3.800 271,43
Unit ills thum 60024 


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