Bog of Eternal Rain
Element Thunder
Element Thunder
Quest / Boss Energie Runden EXP EXP/Energie  Einheiten
Terminal Thunderstorm 16 11 4.500 281,25
Unit ills thum 40124 
Unit ills thum 40164 



Earth Shattering Lightning Storm 15 10 4.200 280
Unit ills thum 40253 


  • Room 5 midboss encounters contain Thunder Cat Parmi and Crow Tengu.
  • Lodin can be inflicted with curse and poison.
  • Lodin doesn't do anything special at this point and can be dispatched easily. He also can only attack once per turn.

Blade of the Heart 14 10 4.000 285,71
Unit ills thum 40114 
Unit ills thum 40213 


  • Expect Behemoth to be the same as the Behemoth in the Grand Gaia Chronicles vol. 2.
  • Room 9 spawns 2x Gorgon and Thunderbird.
  • Behemoth inflicts Injury and uses AoE BB Grudge Blast
  • Can inflict Weakness on Behemoth
  • Amy inflicts Injury and Weakness.
  • Amy can remove buffs with an unnamed AoE. Most probably used on her first turn.
  • Kill Behemoth first as it has a very high powered AoE BB, however a mitigation unit like Guardian Darvanshel will help.

Trial by Firestorm 13 9 3.800 292,31 (Beste)
Unit ills thum 40014 
Unit ills thum 40172 
Unit ills thum 40063 


  • Expect Eze to be the same as the Eze in the Grand Gaia Chronicles vol. 1 or 2.
  • Room 3 midboss encounters contain 2x Royal Dancer May and Thunder Cat Parmi.
  • Eze inflicts Weakness, gives ATK + DEF buff to teammates at 15% health.
  • Can spam AOE BB that does massive damage to team. Units like Guardian Darvanshel are useful in mitigating damage.
  • Normal attacks do 2000+ damage. Seals/Ores are recommended, if not revives are a must. Can wipe out an entire army of max level 6* units if Mitigation measures are not put in place.
  • Grafl inflicts Injury

Lightning Strikes 13 9 3.650 280,77
Unit ills thum 40024 


  • At 50% health, Weiss gains an attack boost.

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