Otherworldly Legends are some people who ended up in Grand Gaia and/or Ishgria from the other worlds.

  • Bestie ― Came from the world full of war, and landed in Ishgria. She led the demons into victories during the war in an unknown territory.
  • Vernil ― Landed in Grand Gaia and aided the king of ocean faunas in the war against demons. Later he crossed the gate to ishgria and continue fighting the demons there.
  • Toutetsu ― Arrived in Grand Gaia to look for Mifune's demon sword. Later went to Ishgria to continue searching for the blade.
  • Kagura ― After a certain girl in red kimono annihilated her clan, she set off to Grand Gaia. Later, she entered a void and found a piece of blood-stained kimono and a shard of a blade.
  • Nemethgear ― Created by Reis after the latter found one of his creation ended up in Ishgria. Originally made to help his creation evolves, Nemethgear suffered an error in its AI. Later killed by Vorlage:C, along with the land's Demon Lord.
  • Reis ― Older brother of Reeze, as well as the creator of Six Armors. Six Armors are the answer of the emperor of his world's ambition to seek the way for humanity to evolve. After Vorlage:C destroyed his world, he dived to the gate to Ishgria. Later killed by the robot he created in Ishgria.

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