Nr. 262
Element Element Erde Erde
Geschlecht Gender none Geschlechtslos
Rarität 5
Max Lv. 1
Kosten 9
Schlaganzahl/BB Füllung
Normal 3
BB n/a n/aBattle crystal icon
Drop Check/Multiplier
Normal 6Icon dc(2Icon dc/Treffer)
BB n/aIcon dc(0Icon dc) n/a%
Werte LP Ang Ver Erh
Basis 2.200 122 122 122

Unit ills thum 30204
Unit ills full 30204

Unit ills anime 30204

"Was willst du?
Soll ich singen?
Oder verschmolzen werden?"

This subspecies of Metallgott is said to hold within its massive body an enormous collection of information on the known world. Though similar to the World Tree it has stored the knowledge of the forest and the trees, it doesn't give off the same air of dignity that the World Tree does. However, compared to other Metallgötter it has a beautiful voice by which it fascinates Summoners with its profound words. There are some who say they even hold memories of songs sung long ago...
Anführerfähigkeit: Keinen
Brave Burst: Keinen
Verlauf Unit ills thum 30202 Unit ills thum 30203 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 30204 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 00000
Trivia, zusätzliche Informationen & Anmerkungen

Earth Gods are best used as an ingredient for fusion, providing a base of 51,518 XP. When fused with Earth element units, it grants 77,277 XP, not including Great Success (x1.5) or Super Success (x2). Earth Gods only sell for 5000 Zel each.

Parameter Werte
ID 30204
Name Erdgott
Element Element Erde Vorlage:UnitName:Erde
Unreleased No
Thumbnail Unit_ills_thum_30204.png - Datei - Serverdatei [mirror]
Artwork Unit_ills_full_30204.png - Datei - Serverdatei [mirror]
Animation Unit_ills_full_30204.png - Datei
base hp, atk, def, rec
lord hp, atk, def, rec
anima hp, rec
breaker atk, def
guardian atk, def
oracle hp, rec
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