Nr. 812
Element Element Dunkel Dunkel
Geschlecht Gender none Geschlechtslos
Rarität 5
Max Lv. 1
Kosten 20
Schlaganzahl/BB Füllung
Normal 5
BB n/a n/aBattle crystal icon
Drop Check/Multiplier
Normal 10Icon dc(2Icon dc/Treffer)
BB n/aIcon dc(0Icon dc) n/a%
Werte LP Ang Ver Erh
Basis 5.555 1.200 1.200 1.200

Unit ills thum 60344
Unit ills full 60344

Unit ills anime 60344

"Du hast die Macht der Dunkelheit beschworen ...
Bist du bereit, auch die
allerletzte Seele zu verzehren?"

An incarnation of the power of Darkness from another world. Legend has it these beings are the key to unlocking powers greater than those of the gods. On another world, an experiment was conducted to agglomerate high volumes of darkness. Trying to condense the dark power into negative levels, it gave birth to beings from naught. The experiment was then deemed a failure, and the creatures that resulted from it were sent back to the void they had come from. Today, darkness has the power to lay things to rest, allowing souls that have preserved their power to sublimate onto a higher plane. If one is able to control the power of a Mecha God, the power of limitless Darkness may become theirs.
Anführerfähigkeit: Keinen
Brave Burst: Keinen

Wie zu erhalten
Parameter Werte
ID 60344
Name Dunkel-Mechagott
Element Element Dunkel Vorlage:UnitName:Dunkel
Unreleased No
Thumbnail Unit_ills_thum_60344.png - Datei - Serverdatei [mirror]
Artwork Unit_ills_full_60344.png - Datei - Serverdatei [mirror]
Animation Unit_ills_full_60344.png - Datei
base hp, atk, def, rec
lord hp, atk, def, rec
anima hp, rec
breaker atk, def
guardian atk, def
oracle hp, rec
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