King's Tomb
Element Light
Element Light
Quest / Boss Energie Runden EXP EXP/Energie  Einheiten
Tombstone of Light 15 11 4.400 293,33 (Beste)
Unit ills thum 60484 


Boss Battle:

Mare: Hmph. I guess releasing my power once in a while is not bad either. You shall perish while you cower in my presence!

  • Mare has the following BBs:
    • Pitch-Black Embrace -- Poison and Weakens one/some of your units. No damage will be received.
    • Ethereal Disaster -- AoE BB that attacks all of your units. Causes Curse and Weakness.
    • Soul Draining -- STBB, drains some HP from one of your units. Used when health is below 50%.
  • Mare cannot be captured at this stage.


  • Grief Eye

The Light that Vanquishes Evil 15 11 4.050 270
Unit ills thum 50094 
Unit ills thum 50163 


The Royal Bodyguard 14 11 3.900 278,57
Unit ills thum 50113 
Unit ills thum 50154 


  • Room 9 midboss monsters contain Holy Maiden Amul, Pegasus and Great Sage Mimir
  • Holy Master Aem has Atk buff when HP is below 50%.
  • Holy Master Aem has AoE BB Radiant Heaven. Can spam BB in one turn.
  • Holy Knight Will has AoE BB Sacred Force. Can spam BB up to 3 times in one turn.
  • Bring revives if you are relying on dark units. Aem and Will can chain AoE BB up to 5 BBs in total per turn. Coupled with Aem's ATK buff, it can devastate dark units and units with lower def.
Unit ills thum 50191 

Unit ills thum 50122 
Where the Light Points 14 10 3.750 267,86
Unit ills thum 50013 
Unit ills thum 50024 


Soaring through the Sky 14 10 3.600 257,14
Unit ills thum 50102 
Unit ills thum 50083 


  • Athena has AoE BB Valkyrie Tempest and inflicts Weakness and Injury.
  • Wyvern has AoE BB Dragon Voice and can inflict paralysis with normal attacks.
  • Sky Hero Athena can be poisoned for 11500 HP per turn

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